Hello, all! I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time, as a way of forcing me to get back into writing. I enjoyed writing in college, but my job now rarely requires me to string together more than a handful of words, let alone worry about capitalization or punctuation. So, admittedly, I am beginning this blog for selfish purposes, but I hope that in the process I can share some of my interests (namely, food, music and snark). Now, with the feet of snow that have blanketed my surroundings, preventing me from leaving the house, we begin!

Vampire Weekend has a new album out called Contra, and I really like it. It sounds like they were listening to a lot of Graceland-era Paul Simon while also smoking a lot of pot. It has synthesized beats and electric melodies which usually irritate me, but they use it all in a really self aware way, sort of like the Postal Service. I also really like how cohesive this album is. With ITunes selling individual songs for about a dollar, I think far fewer bands take the time or work to create a unique sound that carries the listener through the whole record. Their lyrics are also great; each song sort of transplants you to this other place. For me, that’s great, because my current place looks like this:

Anyway, I am really enjoying this album and have had it on repeat for most of the weekend. Their debut album was also great. I YouTubed their song “Oxford Comma” and watched their music video for the first time. It’s cute. I am not a big proponent of pretending that music videos having any relevance at all since the television channel designated to play them no longer does so (DAMN YOU FLAVOR OF LOVE 8). Unless you are Lady GaGa or Michael Jackson (R.I.P.) I just don’t see how a music video really does anything to help me enjoy your three minute long pop song. This video, however, reminds me an awful lot of one of my favorite directors, Wes Anderson. It has a very Rushmore feel to it. So, enjoy the video, and enjoy the song!