Avid readers of this blog (hello? any of you out there?) may have noticed that someone by the name of Finn is a hilariously snarky and frequent commenter. What they may not know is that she is also a dear friend of mine, and that our conversations are often the inspiration for my blog entries. It seemed fitting, then, to call in her help to tackle his year’s Academy Awards! I’ll let Finn start things off with her feelings about George Clooney and his date.


Finn: During Alex Baldwin and Steve Martin’s opening segment, the camera flashed to an angry George Clooney. The joke was about Toyotas, and he didn’t seem to think it was particularly funny. Maybe he’s a stockholder? Scratch that, he seems not amused by any jokes. Seriously, I think the bitchy Italian on his arm has killed his sense of humor. He usually eats these kinds of events up and usually has a few solid one liners, but instead he sat there looking sullen as she sat next to him looking bored and above it all. Newsflash, bella: you are the Italian equivalent of Carson Daly. Even Carson would crack a smile and even be slightly engaged (albeit in his own toolish way), if he were invited to the Oscars. (Note: it ought to go without saying, but he NEVER will be. Ryan Seacrest would throw such a fit if Daly tried to crouch in on his red carpet territory.)

Pintje: Clearly, both Finn and I have strong feelings on George Clooney and the women he brings into his life. Man oh man, do I love George Clooney. And I agree with my friend in that Elizabetta Canalis rubs me the wrong way. When you are dating a man who is known across the globe by his first name (or, when people are being formal, “Gorgeous George”), you should smile a little. Life is not so bad for you.  As for why George himself was grumpy, I did a little internet research. He was nominated for Best Actor but said openly that not only did he not think he would win, he had actually, as a Member of the Academy, voted against himself and for Jeff Bridges. Keeping all of that in mind, George took the Oscars for for it it ultimately is; a big party. So, he goes into Party George mode.  He threw on a tux, brought his hot date and his sense of humor, and the dude got drunk. Obviously, this makes all of the weird faces he was making all night make a lot more sense. I mean, I’m sure the red carpet was a lot more bearable with his flask tucked away in his inner pocket. But boy, does my heart go out to him for the next five hours he spent sitting drunk in the front row of an Awards Ceremony. That sounds considerably less fun.

Pintje: Now, on to a woman we all love. My favorite dress for the night was Sandra Bullock’s Marchesa frock, pictured above.. While I think Carey Mulligan of ‘An Education’ had the stand-out female performance of the year, Sandy is so damn likable that I found myself smiling from the second her name got called until I was wiping tears away during her acceptance speech. While I also liked Kate, Rachel, and Meryl, to name a few, Sandra’s was the look that blew me away when I first saw it on the red carpet. I loved the old school feel the dress itself had, and how she paired that with her modern hot pink lips and simple hair. Most importantly, I guess, she looked comfortable and happy. She was able to move around freely, since the dress wasn’t so tight that it forced her into bad posture (I’m looking at you, Miley). So I’m going to be bold here, apparently, and put Sandra Bullock as my best dressed of the night.

Finn: Speaking of Sandra Bullock, she has helped me decided on my new path in life. When I grow up I want to Kate Winslet in my 30’s, Sandra Bullock in my 40’s, Meryl Streep in my 50’s and Helen Mirren in my 60’s. And I could not have been happier when Sandra Bullock won for Best Actress because I agree, this chick is so incredibly likable. She has played the rom-com genre for, possibly, all it’s worth and obviously those characters were never going to get her to Oscar night. But it’s awesome that she got the perfect role for her down home Texas personality. This was probably her one and only chance to get attention as an individual actress (because let’s not forget she was in the ensemble of Crash … I love love love that movie). I also could not be more obsessed with her happy little life with her bad boy biker husband Jesse James (who, judging from the tears of pride in his eyes last night while she was accepting her award, is more of a softie when it comes to her than he lets on). Shortly after accepting her little gold man, Sandra said to reporters about the hubs: “”Did he cry? He doesn’t cry. He had something in his eye. It’s very dusty from the dance music. I’d never divulge what Jesse says unless he divulges it first. It’s between me and the man.” That is the cutest thing you have ever read, until you read what he said about her: He admitted he was “feeling everything” and was incredibly proud of his wife of five years. “It’s 10 [p.m.] now, we usually go to bed around 9, so we’re partying,” he added. “She looks amazing. I like her like this or first thing in the morning, equally as well.” Seriously, if getting married later in life means that? Wow. Clearly they have figured out something that the rest of Hollywood just can’t seem to get, because they are the greatest couple in that town, hands down.

Pintje: Now, it wouldn’t be Pintje’s Picks without at least one downer. For my bad moment of the night, I choose Elinor Burkett running on stage to accept the Oscar for Best Documentary Short. If you are wondering why this qualifies as a downer, it’s because she wasn’t supposed to accept the award at all. While she was a producer on the award-winning film, she has had both legal and creative differences with the movie, and so Roger Ross Williams was to accept this Oscar. Yikes! I guess the biggest issue I have with this whole situation is, have we learned nothing at all from Kanye West? Nothing!? In her defense, she might have literally not known about the Kanye West / Taylor Swift feud. If that’s the case, I like to imagine that the post-Award Show conversation with her agent went something like this:

Elinor: “Hey! People have been saying that I really ‘pulled a Kanye’ up there! That’s good, right?”
Agent: “Ummm, well, do you know who he is?”
Elinor: “Actually, I didn’t, but someone Googled him for me, and it turns out he’s a really popular singer of some sort.  And I’m the new him! People have also been throwing around the name Taylor Swift, but I doubt anyone has ever heard of her.”

Finn: Well, I’ll end us on a high note (pun intended). Woody Harrelson, you have come leaps and bounds from Cheers. Also his suit is by Burberry and made of hemp – of course it is.


Well, that’s it folks! As always, I look forward to some discuss in the comments section. Finn and I had too many thoughts to cover by ourselves, and look forward to any help you can offer. :)