Today’s post will be brief. I’ve been busy working over the weekend while trying to celebrate the rare Spring-like weather that has descended upon my city, so now my Tuesday feels like a Friday, but not in a good way. Hopefully I’ll think of something witty and worthwhile to write soon, but in the meantime you will just have to listen to three songs I like, all called “Oh My God.” In case you are wondering what inspired this, I’m in the process of convincing a friend that zOMG stands for “Zombies, Oh My God!” Enjoy.

“Oh My God” by Ida Maria:
Everything about this song by Norwegian singer Ida Maria
screams “OMG”  – from the frantic pace to the simple but panicked lyrics, to the start and stop style of the video.


“Oh My God” by Mark Ronson featuring Lily Allen
This was originally done by Kaiser Chiefs but I prefer this version. It’s taken from “Version” which is one of my favorite albums from the past couple of years.


“Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.” by Ryan Adams
I feel like I’m cheating since this song isn’t exactly titled “Oh My God,” but it’s way too good to exclude.  Ryan’s habit of releasing roughly an album per year makes it hard for me to weed through all of his stuff to find what I like, but gems like this make it worthwhile.