Oh, Lady GaGa. I have such mixed feelings about you. Vanessa Grigoriadis over at New York Magazine wrote this piece about how a girl from New York named Stefani Germanotta has transformerd herself into The Artist Currently Known as Gaga. I read it today, and it really helped me figure out why I can’t decide if I love her or hate her. Basically she is a talented art school student with the money backing to see her artistic vision through completely. But she’s also a poor little rich girl who grew up in New York City wanting to be a celebrity. She produces some extremely catchy songs that I can’t get out of my head for days, and actually sings live (quite well) while dancing around on stage. Still, something about her gives me the impression that she thinks she is smarter or more substantive than other pop performers. Maybe she really is, but it’s a pretty hard argument to make when the majority of her songs have a dance beat and are about getting drunk in da club. I’ve decided to write some type of a point/ counter-point post to see if, at the end of the day, I am truly one of Lady GaGa’s “little monsters” or not. Ahh, she counts Oprah among her fans, that’s a point. But on the other hand, the woman gets a point deducted on behalf of whatever poor sap had to sit behind her at the 2009 VMAs.

Lady GaGa is one of the more unique voices/images out there in the entertainment world today, and you have to give the girl credit for fully committing to her character. Err, except that she doesn’t want you to. This isn’t a persona, you see; Lady GaGa purports to “dress like this all the time.” Though the aforementioned New York Magazinge article goes a long way toward debunking this self-perpetuated GaGa myth of always being this Ziggy Stardust entity, I can’t totally hate on her for pretending. I look at this as one of the greater gifts she has given her fans, as it has inspired me to think of her washing the dishes dressed as Kermit the Frog, or trying to scarf down a Subway sandwich while red lace covers her entire face.

Next up, I have to give GaGa credit where credit is due. Her recent collaboration with Beyonce, “Telephone,” inspired this gem:

Based on that video, I’m tempted to like her more than I dislike her, until I’m reminded that, despite the love the Muppets have shown her, she has shown little in return:

Dear Lord. In case you think nothing could make me more angry than seeing Lady GaGa wearing a coat of dead Kermit The Frogs (R.I.P.) with her usual “I’m smarter and more creative than you, that’s why I’m wearing this and why you think it’s dumb” smirk, think again. Because this happened:

This video of her palling around with Paris Hilton while complimenting Paris’s song “Stars Are Blind” as “one of the greatest records ever” would be hilarious if it were an SNL parody. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s Lady GaGa fawning over a tabloid fixture’s uninspired attempt at making music. I’m sure Lady GaGa knows it’s not a great record, let alone one of the greatest records ever, but her flattering Ms. Hilton is just part of what she seeks above anything else; to be famous.

I think the conclusion I’ve reached is that while I’m able to enjoy her catchy songs, respect her powerful singing voice, and enjoy the theatrics that is Lady GaGa, I’ll always be a bit put off with how she seems to seek celebrity status above anything else, while at the same time trying to distance herself from other pops tarts who do the same.

Seems like an open shut case to me, until I come upon this photograph:

I’ve noticed that GaGa has been covering up more and more lately. It’s all clear to me, finally. Lady GaGa is working her ass off so that she can retire at the age of 25, collecting millions, while a team of short women and smallish gay men travel the planet, pretending to be her. Turns out she’s a genius, and for that, I respect her.