After my last post on childhood games that are fun to play drunk, I realized that I omitted a Public Service Announcement that I feel owe to my readers. This PSA comes in the form of the WikiPedia page for Action Park, NJ. Allow this Wiki to serve as concrete evidence that sometimes alcohol does not make things that are fun exponentially more fun. For instance, I have to assume that whoever designed this engineering marvel that for many people marks Action Park’s legacy did so under the influence:


For those of you who grew up outside of New Jersey (or grew up in the great state, but not in the ’80’s), Action Park was much like the well-known Six Flags Great Adventure, only slightly less expensive, and it provided its patrons with easy access to alcohol. So, while Six Flags lived to see the day it could create that awful fake old man who dances in the commercials, Action Park was forced to close its doors based on the number of lawsuits it received. In fact, it earned so many civil suits it was awarded the nickname “Class Action Park.”

I can’t do this park justice, so you really just need to read the Wikipedia page. There are few things that I get a greater kick out of than a really good Wikipedia page. Wiki is already warning us that this page “has a number of issues” and “has been nominated to be checked for neutrality.” In other words, come get it before it gets shut down by The Man! You can thank me later.

Feel free to post choice excerpts in the comments, y’all.