I was fortunate enough to spend this past weekend with some of my really, really good friends. I talked up Pintje (obviously) and found that some are prolific readers (Thanks, Nutty!), and some are not. All parties involved wanted some type of a shout-out, so to make them happy (and to help my writer’s block), I will share the three songs we listened to this weekend. Three songs. Literally. All weekend. When we can all agree on a song to listen to, it basically gets played on repeat until I have had it with the song and can’t listen to it anymore. You, on the other hand, can opt to display some self-control and enjoy these tunes for weeks or even months to come. Behold:

1.) Stereo Love by Edward Maya (Featuring Vika Jigulina)

One major point of contention between the girls and boys in my little group of friends is over techno. The girls tend to shun it, opting for music with actual melodies, singing, and (shockingly!) instruments. The boys, on the other hand, can’t get enough of it. This song came to us via a friend still living in Spain; apparently it’s currently a big hit in Europe. Something about how catchy the accordion line is helped each one of us find something about this song we liked, so it became a staple of the weekend. Plus, we all get a bit nostalgic for our time abroad, which is, after all, how we met. Hearing the singer say endearingly, in her broken English “don’t let go to my love” made us all soon.

2.) How Do You Sleep by Jesse McCartney (Featuring Ludacris)

I love this song. I should be embarrassed to like it since it’s sung by Jesse McCartney, but luckily Luda pops up to offer it some street cred. Ludacris is by far the most fun rapper to “sing” along with. He basically drops his rhymes mad-libs style, so even if you have never heard the song before, you’re able to chime in at the right time. Example: “And my night’s so ___, day’s so ___, they say you don’t know what you got ’til it’s ___.”

In offering up this video, though, I feel the need to provide a few words of caution. This song is a year or two old, so I think it came out either during or after the “ghost-ride the whip” faze (of which, by the way, I was a HUGE fan myself). What Jesse McCartney is doing is not ghost-riding a whip. I like to think he was in the brainstorming session for this video and suggested he cash in on this phenomenon that’s so hip with kids today. “Yea, you just get out of your car and like hang out on the hood, and a ghost rides the car for you!” he may have suggested. Rather than correcting their tween pop sensation client, I’m sure they just pulled a Tim Gunn and decided they would “make it work.”  How else do you explain Ludacris ghost-riding two cars on leashes?? It is non-nonsensical. To help you all clean your palette, here is how actual ghost-riding works:

3.) I’m On A Boat by Andy Samberg, featuring T-Pain (unedited version, sorry Mom and Dad!)

That this song is actually a comedic sketch from SNL does not dissuade any one of my friends for loving it. It’s as if T-Pain was doing some sort of social experiment to see if literally anything set to a good beat and involving liberal use of “Auto-Tune” would be a major hit. If that was the question, “yes” is the answer. This song was actually on repeat and had played about 5 times in a row Friday night before one of us said “wait did we already listen to this song?” Yes. We did. 4 previous times in a row. That’s how good this song is! Or that’s how drunk my friends were. That’s a question for another day.

Hope you all enjoy the music.