I’m not necessarily a fan of the rapper Lil Wayne, but I don’t hate him. Plus, I love 500 Days of Summer, and I big love a good mashup. So, here it is:


You’re welcome.

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This album (? is that what is is?) is all kinds of right. To begin with, it samples the soundtrack to 500 Days of Summer which, to those who don’t know, is arguably the greatest non-original soundtrack since Garden State. It’s everything that mix tapes (an oft forgotten ritual that I am increasingly appreciative that my dad taught me at a young age) ought to be. It mixes artists and sound techniques that you probably wouldn’t think on your own to pair together. Also, like the movie, it rings true. Rather than aiming to hit big, over-reaching emotions or plot points (“He hangs out with his friends too much and is distant!”, “She’s looking for love in all the wrong places!”), it hits on pretty specific sentiments, but hits them sincerely. Tell me you haven’t felt like this, for instance.:

Either you’ve been there, and you remember, or you haven’t, but you know that you will, some day. And can’t wait, right? Whoever mixed this knows better than to take away from any of that.

My other major point on this album is that it brings me back to rap and hip hop in the same way that the Grey Album did. For those of you unfamiliar, the Grey Album was DJ Danger Mouse’s mashup of the Beatles’ White Album and Jay Z’s faux-finale The Black Album.

Similarly to how 500 DoW was posted, Danger Mouse set up the so-called Grey Album for free download on his website, as his own personal “f you” to the Beatles lawyers who threatened to take it down over copyright infringement.  He got out of it what he wanted, anyway; he later went on to form the Super Duo Gnarles Barkley. This time around, I can’t possibly imagine that the disclaimer “Apologies to Morrissey and Simon&Garfunkle for fucking with your songs” is going to keep their own high paid lawyers at bay. Unlike the work of GirlTalk, of whom I would also count myself a fan, whoever made 500DoW doesn’t summarize the themes or styles of any of the songs into a minute or so. In some ways, this leads itself to an easy critique; the songs he “samples” are good in and of themselves, and all this DJ does is throw some rapping over them. In the other sense, I can’t shake the feeling that whoever created this playlist saw 500 Days of Summer at least once and knew better than to break up each song beat by beat. They were already so well matched to emotions shared impeccably by actors Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levit, why force the listener to lose that, right? And listen to the 500DoW version of Quelqu’un M’a Dit and tell me you don’t feel something different than the First Lady of France (listed below, for your convenience) makes you feel. Not better, not worse. But you have a new sensation in your feelings vocabulary, I suspect.

So, Grey Album it ain’t, but for everyone exhausted with rap or hip hop, as I have been lately (I blame you, Taio Cruz), let’s collectively give it up for 500 Days of Weezy. An album like this brings out everything I love about the internet. Only in this era could you have sounds like this come from some basement, or studio (we don’t know where, and that’s part of the appeal, no?) and enter our collective ear and be gone, undoubtedly, before we even know it. This crosses mediums James Franco style. Long live the mashup. I would love, love love to hear what you all think in the comments. Or if you have favorite mashups of your own, hit me with those, too. I’m in the mood!