I have great friends, and I have great readers (and to be honest there is a lot of overlap  between the two). This morning, for instance, I had an email from friend and occasional commentator Hollywood with the subject “Emergency Blog Post.” Accompanying a link was the following message: “It doesn’t even have to be a long post.  Just the words STOP and that picture with a circle and line.”

What, you ask, would inspire such impending sense of doom? Feast your eyes on this:


There it is. After months and months of assuring myself that the Justin Bieber Phenomeon was a passing fade, not worthy of a Pintje post, he shows up in the pages of Elle Magazine. ELLE MAGAZINE! In the name of all that is holy, I feel some discussion is necessary.

For those of you still unaware of who Justin Bieber is (Mom and Dad I am looking at you), he’s a 16 year old pop singer from Canada who, armed with catchy pop songs and an enjoyable singing voice, has somehow worked his way into semi-legitimate hip hop channels. He also looks like a lesbian.

To be fair, he’s annoying in the same way all other ojects of tween affection have been. Only, Donny Osmond and the Hanson brothers were thankfully not alive in the age of 24/7 media. Accordingly, “The Biebs” as he is semi-affectionately called, is everywhere. As the aforementioned Elle Magazine featurette makes painfully obvious, people with the power to stop this choose not to, and so his reign over pop culture continues. My only saving grace here is that he appears in the spread with Kim Kardashian, and not someone that anyone takes seriously. Ms. Kardashian, of course, is famous solely for being rich and having a “leaked” sex tape with an old boyfriend. She now has a reality show where she relents what it’s like to have a demanding life, without ever once explaining (or showing!) what it is she does every day.

One good thing to come from the Justin Bieber / information superhighway mix is summarized in his Wikipedia page (via an entire section) as “target for criticism and pranksters.” (Tip of the hat to my good friend and fellow blogger Gastronomiquelle for finding that one!). Possibly my favorite of these pranks was the now infamouus Send Justin Bieber to North Korea stunt. As a promotion for his upcoming “My World Tour,” fans were encouraged to vote for which country, of about 30, the young singer was to visit next. I bet you can guess which totalitarian dictatorship won!

Finally, for all those of you who think it’s petty to pick on a 16 year old;

1. I have already established that I’m not above it, and

2. As long as I pay for my lunch in change while this kid drives his Ferrari to hang out with P.Diddy, petty will be my middle name.