This Saturday capped off a week-long celebration of the birth of my roommate. It included a soccer game, a baseball game and a delicious lunch with not one but two incredible desserts. It also included a trip to her favorite bar where, in true fashion, she danced the night away. I am not a dancer. This graph accurately depicts my relationship with dancing:

Let me apologize, by the way, for my 5th grader approach to the graph. I have the technological understanding of an AARP member, and my big sister inherited all of the family art skills.

If anything gets me to break it down, beside liquid courage (or, often, accompanied by liquid courage), it’s the following three songs. They are my kryptonite.

1.)  Little Secrets by Passion Pit

Passion Pit has been around for a little while, but I just recently got into them. Mainly, I used to have a pretentious approach to electronic music that I no longer hold. Besides, any song that includes the talent of P.S. 22 in their chorus is OK by me. Listening to this song, not only can I not resist breaking into spontaneous dance, I can hardly keep from smiling:

2.) I Don’t Feel Like Dancing by the Scissor Sisters

Man oh man do I love this song. Scissor Sisters are such a fun band and every part of this song is so carefree that you get the feeling that there’s no wrong way to bust a move to it. Which is perfect since my signature move is (inexplicably) one hand over my head while making a kissy face.

3.) We Are Golden s by Mika

More Eurotrash! This music video shows that Mika is aware that his music lends itself to dancing around in one’s bedroom in one’s underwear. Keep living the dream, Mika.