September 2010

I don’t know why,  but I have been on a 1960’s music kick this whole week. No, I haven’t recently watched Dirty Dancing, nor did my car radio get stuck on an oldies station. The only thing I can possibly point to as the inspiration is a conversation I had recently in which I realized that both my brother and a friend of mine had to be told at a young age that no, life didn’t used to be in black and white.  Apparently, they were confused by old movies and old TV shows. Like a real-life Pleasantville, basically!

1.) Cry to Me by Solomon Burke

A perfect song, with one notable exception. “Nothing could be sadder than a glass of wine alone.” I beg to differ, good sir. How about being alone sans wine?

2.) Mamma Said by The Shirelles

This song is on heavy rotation whenever I have a bad day.

3.) Chain Gang by Sam Cooke

It’s sort of incredible that this song is about working in a chain gang, but manages to be so catchy and fun. I like to imagine someone who has been in a chain gang describing it as “horrible, and not at ALL like that f-ing Sam Cooke song makes it sound.”


Happy Labor Day, y’all! In trying to explain the concept of Labor Day to an Italian friend of mine, our conversation went something like this:

Me: “Basically we celebrate how hard we work – labor – by taking the day off of work.”
Friend: “But don’t you take the day off for all of your holidays?”
… awkward silence …

I then mumbled something about not being able to wear white pants anymore. I think the best way to explain this strange holiday is that it marks the unofficial end of summer. To celebrate, I’m sharing three of my favorite summer songs. Just as I’ll continue to wear flip flops until my feet freeze, these songs will get off-season play, but they just seem to sound better when the weather is warm. Enjoy!

1.) Girls in Their Summer Clothes by Bruce Springsteen

The Jersey girl in me knows better than to leave Bruce off of this list.

2.) Rock and Roll by Eric Hutchinson


3.) Doin’ Time (Remix featuring Pharcyde) by Sublime

All of Sublime sounds like summer – this was just the most obvious choice.