I don’t know why,  but I have been on a 1960’s music kick this whole week. No, I haven’t recently watched Dirty Dancing, nor did my car radio get stuck on an oldies station. The only thing I can possibly point to as the inspiration is a conversation I had recently in which I realized that both my brother and a friend of mine had to be told at a young age that no, life didn’t used to be in black and white.  Apparently, they were confused by old movies and old TV shows. Like a real-life Pleasantville, basically!

1.) Cry to Me by Solomon Burke

A perfect song, with one notable exception. “Nothing could be sadder than a glass of wine alone.” I beg to differ, good sir. How about being alone sans wine?

2.) Mamma Said by The Shirelles

This song is on heavy rotation whenever I have a bad day.

3.) Chain Gang by Sam Cooke

It’s sort of incredible that this song is about working in a chain gang, but manages to be so catchy and fun. I like to imagine someone who has been in a chain gang describing it as “horrible, and not at ALL like that f-ing Sam Cooke song makes it sound.”