My bad. I guess I should have mentioned that I’m out of town for work, and will be for the next 2+ weeks, hence the lack of Music Mondays posts. As an olive branch of sorts, I will offer up the information that I’m in the South. Or, rather, I’m far enough below the Mason-Dixie line that this Jersey girl can warrant saying “y’all” in a non-ironic way. Here are three country songs (they’re as country as I get, lay off my back) for your listening pleasure. I’ll be back to Pintje in mid-November, and hopefully with new fervor. In the meantime, add me to Twitter (@PintjeBlog), as I can sometimes manage 160 characters, even though grammar and capital letters are asking too much. XO!

1.) Devil In The Jukebox by Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs

I love this song. Like I said, this is about as country as I get.

2.) Mama’s Got a Girlfriend Now by Ben Harper

If there is a genre of music that Ben Harper doesn’t do well, I have yet to find it.

3.) Jackson by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon

I hope it’s not sacrilege that I prefer this version to the original!