I’m back, y’all! Sorry for not getting back to this when I said I would, but I wanted to wait to begin blogging again until I felt I had enough material to start consistently writing, and it seems that time has come. Plus, I recently received this in an email from a dear friend: “Okay, so I don’t want to be a total bitch with this comment but now that you’ll be jobless pretty soon I think you should start blogging again.”


So, let’s get right down to it. If there are two things I’m pretty unabashedly snobby about, I’d say it’s beer and music. Chief among my music gripes has always been a real disdain for electronic music. In a music class I took during college, we had to create a techno song as an assignment, and it really made me hate the entire genre. The whole process of creating synthetic beats and melodies didn’t seem to lend itself to ingenuity or soul; it felt like it had about as much heart as an Excel document. Everything about it has always felt phony and manufactured to me, and I could never get into it. Whether this kind of music has gotten better in recent years or I have just loosened up is beyond me. Below are my picks of great songs that rely pretty heavily on electronic sounds. Enjoy! Since I’m a recent convert to this type of music, I would really love everyone to post some choices of their own in the comments.

1.) Sleepyhead by Passion Pit

I’ve featured another song by Passion Pit in the past; suffice to say that they alone are responsible for me giving electronic music another listen.

2.) Block After Block by Matt & Kim

I know, hipsters, this is the third album by this Brooklyn band. I’m behind. I get it. Still a catchy song.

3.) Swing Tree by Discovery

To steal a line from someone wittier than me who commented on this YouTube page, “I want to feel how this song sounds.”