Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty good at speaking English. I am not, however, good at speaking any other language. I studied Dutch for a semester while living in Belgium, to disastrous results (I was convinced my professor spoke English fluently and was “faking” it. I was wrong). Italian is the best shot at a second language that I have, but take away my hand motions and you realize just how not proficient I am. None of this stops me from enjoying music in languages other than my own. Here are three favorites; as always please add your own in the comments!


1.) Fel Del Av Garden by Movits!

First off, let me give credit to Stephen Colbert for introducing me to this super fun band. Secondly, let me point out that when I don’t know the lyrics to songs, I often make them up. For instance, when I get caught singing this song in the car, I choose “Coming from Finland!” as the opening lyric. (The band is Swedish.)


2.) El Kilo by Orishas

I should be able to speak some Spanish, but I can’t. I dated someone from northern Spain for a little while, and his English wasn’t great. “Sorry me” was a common apology. None the less, I came away from the relationship with some wonderful Spanish music.


3.) Staralfur by Sigur Ros

According to Wikipedia, I’m not the only person who can’t comprehend what Icelandic lead singer Jonsi Birgisson is singing; apparently the language is made up. My good friend and follow blogger Gastronomiquelle refers to their sound as “whales mating.”