January 2011

I’ve mentioned before that my friends have the wonderful (or horribly annoying, depending on how you look at it) habit of filling our weekends together with a 3-song long playlist. Last weekend was no different.

1.) You Are Not a Robot by Hoodie Allen (featuring Marina and the Diamonds)

This was my contribution to the weekend. The original is also incredible and always cheers me up, but this remix was just hip enough to make everyone happy.

2.) Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalfia

This song was not my favorite. But since I’m usually too lazy to change the Ipod, I ended up hearing it a whole lot. It’s so repetetive that if I don’t hear it again until the next time we all see each other, it will still be too soon. Also I don’t know what black and yellow is supposed to mean. I didn’t want to ask, less my inquiry come across as an endorsement of the song.

3.) Tonight I’m F*cking You by Enrique Iglesias

Guilty pleasure alert. I think Enrique has yet to write something I don’t swoon to. Plus Luda pops in, and gives the whole thing the street cred it deserves.



It’s just not me, right? They’re starting to look alike? I feel like it’s why Ben grew the beard.

To me, beatboxing can be categorized alongside jeggings and bacon flavored vodka; just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I think of it as a party trick since it so rarely adds anything to a song that a drum set (or even a drum machine) couldn’t handle. There are those rare times, however, when an artist really uses it appropriately. Here are three of those times!

1.) Helen by Nizlopi

This song makes me wish I was named Helen. It’s that good.

2.) Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Lauryn Hill

I guess if you’re going to cover a standard like this, you’d better introduce something new. A great song from a really, really great album.

3.) Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake

Is it officially uncool post a JT song? Or has it been recent enough since he was in NSYNC and recent enough that he was in The Social Network that it’s cool again? I don’t know. It just felt like it would be wrong to omit this song, since it includes mainstream, respectable use of beatbox.

I cannot believe that I know enough songs to do a Music Monday on “hip hop dance crazes,” but here we are. After a New Years Eve spent in New Orleans, I’ve got dancing on the mind. And after enough beers (and hurricanes, and hand grenades, and who knows what else) the only kind of dancing I can be expected to do is the kind that is accompanied with lyrics describing those very dance moves.


1.) Crank That by Soulja Boy

I think this song was my gateway hip-hop dance craze. Annoying? Yes. Mind numbingly repetitve? Yes. But guess what else? It exclusively contains dance moves that I’m capable of, and it was popular. The End. As with all of these songs, there were several great versions that got popular on YouTube. The ballet kids were my personal favorite. Also, I like that he anticipated that he was going to be a one hit wonder, so he snuck his name into the title of the song, too.


2.) Teach Me How to Dougie by Cali Swag District

This song seems to be popular right now. And why not? It’s so easy that even Wolf Blitzer can do it. If you need instructions, check out this video. Just don’t watch the guy on the right.


3.) Move it Like Bernie by ??

I did not believe this was real until seeing this video, and then hearing this song played at a bar. It’s based on the movie Weekend at Bernie’s, hence the zombie-like movements. I was moving it like Bernie left and right this weekend, and encourage y’all to do the same.