I cannot believe that I know enough songs to do a Music Monday on “hip hop dance crazes,” but here we are. After a New Years Eve spent in New Orleans, I’ve got dancing on the mind. And after enough beers (and hurricanes, and hand grenades, and who knows what else) the only kind of dancing I can be expected to do is the kind that is accompanied with lyrics describing those very dance moves.


1.) Crank That by Soulja Boy

I think this song was my gateway hip-hop dance craze. Annoying? Yes. Mind numbingly repetitve? Yes. But guess what else? It exclusively contains dance moves that I’m capable of, and it was popular. The End. As with all of these songs, there were several great versions that got popular on YouTube. The ballet kids were my personal favorite. Also, I like that he anticipated that he was going to be a one hit wonder, so he snuck his name into the title of the song, too.


2.) Teach Me How to Dougie by Cali Swag District

This song seems to be popular right now. And why not? It’s so easy that even Wolf Blitzer can do it. If you need instructions, check out this video. Just don’t watch the guy on the right.


3.) Move it Like Bernie by ??

I did not believe this was real until seeing this video, and then hearing this song played at a bar. It’s based on the movie Weekend at Bernie’s, hence the zombie-like movements. I was moving it like Bernie left and right this weekend, and encourage y’all to do the same.