I love Late Night with Jimmy Fallon more than I am ever willing to admit out loud. He doesn’t fill the giant hole in my heart left by CoCo‘s absence, but I grew up with him on Saturday Night Live, and I fully sympathize with his inability to relay a funny thought without having to try and stifle a giggle with his fist. A while back, Jimmy tried to reunite the cast of Saved By The Bell. Thought he was able to produce this memorable photograph, which has cemented in my brain the idea that Mark-Paul Gosselaar made a deal with the devil to retain his boyish good lucks, the effort was ultimately a failure. A year later, however, Jimmy pressed on and was able to reunite the cast of California Dreams (!) and have them sing their show’s theme song live on the air (!!). Here is the video:

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I was a huge fan of California Dreams.  It was essentially Saved by the Bell, except the teens were supposed to be in a band, and it came on 30 minutes later, which is perfect for me since I’m such a late sleeper. No one scene from California Dreams left as strong of impression on me as the episode in which 90 pound Tiff gets caught juicing for her high school beach volleyball team. It was like the infamous SBTB caffeine-pill episode, only even more outlandish, if you can believe it. Please, please watch this video and see what I mean. It is literally like watching a parody from Saturday Night Live, only it really happened, and as  a 10 year old, it instilled in me a very confusing message about who exactly was using steroids:

Being the avid fan that I was, I often hummed the theme song in my head while I walked down the halls of my elementary school. Once, when I was in the second grade, my friend Jeff stopped me and asked if I was singing the theme song to “that dumb band show.” I knew exactly what show he was referencing, and nodded my head yes. “You know they don’t even play their own instruments, right?” I stared at him, dumbfounded. “Yes they do, idiot. That’s like my favorite part of the show.” Jeff stared deep into my eyes and said “the girls’ hands are too small to even hold the instruments.” I could feel my eyes welling up with tears because, dammit, I knew he was right. Why did they make the blond girl play the bass?? Her arms couldn’t even reach the frets! After all this time, Jimmy Fallon has validated what Jeff said that fateful day. He asks if the reunited “band” would like “a little help from the Roots ,” and when the camera flashes to grown up “Tiff,” I must admit that even with 15 years to practice, I do not believe there is any sound coming out of her bass guitar.

On another note, please turn to minute 2:07 of the Hulu/Fallon video. I don’t know what “Sly” has been doing to pay the bills since the cancellation of this show, but if his repertoir has not included earning money as a Tom Cruise impersonator, he is looking that gift horse straight in the mouth. And with that, I am off to Google Sweet Valley High for the rest of the night. See you all in the comments!