I’ve mentioned before that my friends have the wonderful (or horribly annoying, depending on how you look at it) habit of filling our weekends together with a 3-song long playlist. Last weekend was no different.

1.) You Are Not a Robot by Hoodie Allen (featuring Marina and the Diamonds)

This was my contribution to the weekend. The original is also incredible and always cheers me up, but this remix was just hip enough to make everyone happy.

2.) Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalfia

This song was not my favorite. But since I’m usually too lazy to change the Ipod, I ended up hearing it a whole lot. It’s so repetetive that if I don’t hear it again until the next time we all see each other, it will still be too soon. Also I don’t know what black and yellow is supposed to mean. I didn’t want to ask, less my inquiry come across as an endorsement of the song.

3.) Tonight I’m F*cking You by Enrique Iglesias

Guilty pleasure alert. I think Enrique has yet to write something I don’t swoon to. Plus Luda pops in, and gives the whole thing the street cred it deserves.