A lovely commenter asked me to do a Christmas-themed Music Monday, and I couldn’t resist. Well, technically I could resist, since I’m writing it a whole day late,  but the point is, good suggestion! While I do love all the classics, I decided to post more off-beat selections to help everyone expand their repertoire. Because trust me, if your party plan is to put your “NOW! That’s What I Call Christmas” CD on repeat, yours ain’t the party of the season.

1.) Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC

A Christmas song. By Run DMC. Need I say more?

2.) We Wish You An Irie Christmas by Jacob Miller

Remember those childhoods spent ’round the tree, listening to this Jamaican classic? No? That’s just my brother, sister, and me? My dad used to play this CD around the holidays until we would beg him to turn it off, but we’ve since spent enough holidays without it that I care share it with y’all without suffering flashbacks. Enjoy!

3.) I WIsh It Was Christmas Today, by SNL castmembers

My love of Jimmy Fallon is well documented, and his smirks from  behind Horatio Sans are a big part of my love for this song. Combine that with Chris Kattan’s head nods and Tracy Jordan (I mean Morgan…)’s dance moves, and you have all the best parts of Christmas rolled into a 2 minute clip. The quality in this video isn’t great, but Hulu doesn’t let WordPress bloggers embed. So click here for higher quality of that same video. Or click here to hear Julian Casablanca of The Strokes sing it, because yea, this song is that epic.